G2 Leadership Project

Leadership Project Examples
We would like each participant to identify a leadership project for his/her firm and accomplish during the G2 Leadership program. The following is a list of ideas. Please pick one (modify as needed) or create your own. Your firm mentor will need to approve the project.

Growth-Oriented Projects
• Lead the development of a niche market – e.g. dentists, doctors, etc.
• Spearhead the presence of the firm at a forum (e.g. non-profit organization with a high potential) or a geographic market
• Become the go-to expert in a new form of marketing – e.g. social media
• Focus on writing and publishing educational materials (e.g. a blog) that can attract future clients
• Commit to a series of networking goals – e.g. membership of organizations and/or community presence
• Develop a new source of leads through a center of influence – e.g. a CPA firm
• Develop or refine or manage a system for tracking leads and sources of leads

Staff Development Projects
• Revamp or refine the firm’s recruiting process, including screening, interviews, etc.
• Become the “lead recruiter” of new professionals in the firm and network to identify talented future employees
• Spearhead the improvement of a performance reporting process and its management and adoption
• Mentor one or more staff members and help them achieve their professional goals
• Lead the training in a professional service skill – e.g. a type of planning
• Spearhead the development of team-building event or events that bring the staff together
• Lead the development and management of an internship program for the firm

Client Services Projects
• Help improve and standardize a client process – e.g. planning for education
• Take the lead on a number of relationships currently managed by a founder or other professional
• Lead the development of a system for servicing smaller clients
• Help the firm define a client continuity process
• Spearhead client communication projects – e.g. newsletters, events, etc.
• Lead a process for collecting client feedback – e.g. feedback survey
• Become the expert in certain type of investments or investment process
• Take on a portfolio management project – e.g. new rebalancing system

Operations and Technology Projects
• Lead the research and selection of a new system that the firm should use – e.g. a new web platform, new CRM or new reporting process
• Manage the transition to a new technology and the training and adoption of the technology
• Champion the development or mentor members of the operations staff

Internal Management Projects
• Lead a key firm committee – e.g. Marketing committee
• Help adopt and internal system for benchmarking financial and operational results in the firm
• Become the “meeting expert” and champion the training in how to conduct effective meetings