Participate in the 2020 InvestmentNews Benchmarking Study

By: Brandon Odell

We are off to a crazy start in 2020, which is probably understating it. In a couple short months, the way we do business has changed. Much of how we operate is now connected via web meetings, and we’ve become accustomed to our web cameras, earbuds and backdrops as we go “on air” to talk with colleagues and clients.

Who knows how normal these methods of working will be going forward, but in these strange and new times, we should be doing more than just surviving. We should be striving. Striving means improving our businesses, adding clients and advancing careers. None of us has managed through this exact event before, but we’re all going through it together now and can learn from one another.

Which leads me to the point: this year more than ever, you need to participate in the 2020 InvestmentNews Annual Adviser Benchmarking Study.

2020 Is a Benchmark Period to Be Remembered

There hasn’t been an environment like the one today in the 20-year history of this benchmarking study. Participating in this year’s study is more than an exercise in reminding ourselves how wonderfully normal it was in 2019. Indeed, a lot of benchmarking studies recount the past. But recounting the past is only helpful if it improves how our businesses operate in the future. That’s why you need to participate.

You participate in the study by sharing where you started in 2020 and your intentions for staffing, growth and client services to be successful in the future. In aggregate, when The Ensemble Practice analyzes this data from all participants, trends of purposeful design for business structure, growth strategy and service models emerge.

The InvestmentNews Annual Adviser Benchmarking Study is the longest running industry study and has shaped much of the language and standards we use in the industry today. You need to participate this year more than ever before because we’re in a benchmark period that will be remembered. Firms that are managing this time and striving to improve themselves are the ones that will get the chance to shape the future language and standards of the industry.

Key Questions the 2020 Study Will Answer

  1. Is adviser compensation growth still flat as it was in the 2019 study?
  2. Were firm profit margins prepared for 2020’s financial volatility?
  3. How can firms manage prolonged financial uncertainty?
  4. Were staff and professionals positioned with enough capacity to absorb increased questions from concerned clients?
  5. What methods are proving most impactful for generating growth?
  6. Are firms changing services and how they are priced to reposition themselves for the market?

How to Participate in the 2020 InvestmentNews Adviser Benchmarking Study

You can participate in the study at the following link: 2020 InvestmentNews Adviser Benchmarking Study

For your effort, you will receive two reports: an update to the Adviser Compensation & Staffing Study and the Pricing & Profitability Study. You also get my most sincere thanks, if that is worth anything.