The Ensemble Practice works with independent advisors to transform their practices into successful ensemble firms.

Ensemble Defined

Ensemble advisory firms operate as multiprofessional practices, sharing stewardship over client relationships and leveraging the collective talent of the team to achieve business goals.

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Practice Redefined

By adopting a team-based approach, ensemble firms grow faster, achieve greater profitability, create more opportunities for themselves and their clients and have real equity value.

What We Do

G2 Leadership Institute

The premier training program for developing the future leaders of the financial advisory industry.

Business Consulting

We consult with team-based advisory firms to help them define their paths to success.

Crisis Management

We have developed best practices for managing financial advisory firms through a crisis.

Enterprise Partners

We work in partnership with advisory institutions to support their top advisors.

Advisory Industry Research

We conduct industry research to capture the state of the advisory profession.

Spotlight on G2

G2 Leadership Institute

Ranked as one of the best leadership development programs for professionals in the financial services industry, the G2 Leadership Institute develops the leadership and business management skills of professionals who are preparing themselves for leadership and ownership positions at their advisory firms.

Attended by advisors and operations professionals from the top RIA firms in the industry, the program gives participants the opportunity to work with their peers to build teams with well-functioning leadership and decision-making structures.

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Book cover: G2 The Next Generation

G2: Building the Next Generation

By Philip Palaveev

The future of the financial services industry is in the hands of a talented and ambitious group of young professionals – G2, the next generation. Whether you pick up this book as a founder of an advisory firm or a professional looking to further your career, you have probably recognized that your future success relies on the ability of your firm to develop the leadership and management skills of its best people. G2: Building the Next Generation is a comprehensive guide on how to accelerate the career of future leaders of advisory firms and teams.

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