Best practices for managing financials, communicating effectively and maintaining team morale during a crisis.

Crisis Management Webcast Series

Financial Management in Bear Markets

Sound financial management for advisory firms during a crisis is based on five key principles: Client retention is the number one priority. Anticipate and do not fall behind cash flow. Protect your vulnerable teammates. Make decisive and sufficient changes. And finally, look for opportunities during the recovery. In the first installment of the series, CEO Philip Palaveev discusses these principles and how G2 leadership can help their organizations and clients navigate the bear market during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Communicating in a Crisis

The ability to retain credibility, establish confidence and maintain trust are directly related to the reputation an advisory firm holds in the industry, among its clients and with its employees. During a crisis, communication is essential. Effective crisis communications aim to convince internal and external stakeholders that the organization has the understanding, skills and capacity to minimize the negative impact of the crisis. In the second installment of the series, Philip Palaveev shares winning strategies for clear communication.

Maintaining Team Morale

A crisis does not just threaten the financial markets and existing social structures. For many advisory firms and their team members, a crisis may also carry a heavy emotional toll and result in lowered bonuses or the elimination of bonuses altogether, a halt in pay raises and the suspension of promotions. In the third installment of the series, Philip Palaveev discusses how to create and preserve team morale in times of crisis and what G2 leadership can do to help themselves and their colleagues maintain spirit, optimism and a sense of unity and purpose.

Best Practices in a Crisis

There is a lot of power in the process of learning from each other, especially during times of crisis. Tapping into the collective knowledge of the G2 Community, we crowdsourced best practices that firms have implemented to address the challenges and opportunities presented by a crisis. In this fourth installment of our Crisis Management webcast series, Philip Palaveev moderates a panel of five members of the G2 Community as they discuss initiatives that their firms have successfully carried out in the wake of COVID-19.