Hear what our distinguished graduates have to say about their experience in the G2 Leadership Institute.


Mark Franczyk


Christopher Street Financial, G2 Class of 2023

Being a part of the G2 Program has been an incomparable experience marked by immediately applicable, practical training, sincere mentorship from industry leaders, and access to a peer network of impressive alumni. The program has made me a better strategic thinker, a more effective manager, and a more capable leader as I look to build my team for continued growth and future success.

Mark Franczyk

Erica Yount, CFA, CFP®

Principal and Wealth Manager

Modera Wealth Management, G2 Class of 2023

The program helped me think more broadly about my role in my company and ways I could be impactful. Through practical application of session topics in small group settings, concepts were meaningfully explored and implemented. The program teaches you to think beyond your current role in ways you may not have considered previously.

Erica Yount

Lauren Oschman, CFP®, CDFA®

Partner and CEO

Vestia Personal Wealth Advisors, G2 Class of 2022

I became our CEO of our firm during Year 2 of the program. With my knowledge base from G2, I’ve been able to cut to the root of many issues and bring productive solutions to the table. The unexpected benefit, though, is in the network of colleagues and industry-leading firms who will all take my call and provide their insights whenever I need some perspective.

Lauren Oschman

Timothy Admire

President & CEO, Managing Partner

Willow Creek Wealth Management, G2 Class of 2020

The G2 Leadership Institute was truly a game changer for me. As a new partner in an RIA and as someone who is dedicated to learning, growing, and always being an asset to my team, this program provided all of the baseline knowledge that I needed to get a jump start on the next phase of my career. I often tell people that the program is basically an executive MBA program for the RIA industry, covering everything from ownership considerations, compensation philosophy, organization structure, leadership skills, and everything in between.

Timothy Admire

Stacey L. McKinnon, CFP®

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Partner

Morton Wealth, G2 Class of 2020

My career and contribution to Morton Wealth has been accelerated by surrounding myself with people who have inspired me to be better, think differently and strategically improve my business. I’ll be forever grateful to the G2 program for giving me the opportunity to learn in this way.

Stacey L. McKinnon

Mark Wernig

Regional Managing Partner, Wealth Advisor

CI Private Wealth, G2 Class of 2022

I was motivated to apply for the G2 program because I hoped to harness more than 50 years of combined RIA leadership, management, and growth experience in two industry proven professionals like that of Philip Palaveev and Tim Kochis. Having now completed the program, I wholeheartedly believe that the experience was as professionally valuable as my MBA.

Mark Wernig

Heather Welsh, CFP®, AEP®, MSFS

Vice President, Wealth Planning Department Leader

Sequoia Financial Group, G2 Class of 2022

The G2 Leadership Institute provided me with the tools to propel my career to the next level. The perspectives on managing people, delivering feedback, compensation, and many other matters was beneficial to me in delivering more impactful performance reviews and clearly communicating compensation decisions. The program introduced me to a network of peers across the country to learn from formally & informally, many of whom I will stay connected with for the rest of my career as we continue growing as leaders.

Heather Welsh
Annie McCauley

Annie McCauley, CFP®

Senior Vice President, Family Wealth

Sequoia Financial Group, G2 Class of 2020

G2 fast tracked the foundational knowledge necessary for me to successfully assume a larger leadership role within my organization, while providing me with an extensive peer network. This program is a transformational interactive training ground for next gen RIA leadership.

Annie McCauley
Eric Kittner

Eric Kittner, CPA, CFP®

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Moneta, G2 Class of 2017

The G2 program was highly impactful in my professional development. I not only benefited from the speakers and case studies as part of the program, but my incredibly talented G2 peers provided perspective on our business that has proven to be invaluable.

Eric Kittner