Advisors depend on us to help them transform their practices into ensemble firms.

An Industry In Flux

Teams have replaced solo advisors as the organizational foundation of the most successful advisory firms. However, the financial advisory industry has yet to clearly define the path from a successful solo practice to a mature and thriving team-based firm.

Advisors need the right tools at hand—and the knowledge required to wield them effectively—to build and grow their practices into successful and sustainable ensemble firms. This is where we step in.

The Ensemble Practice provides consulting programs in key practice management areas that address the complexity of building multidimensional firms, from organizational structure and technology to succession planning and competitive positioning.

Practice Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Design

  • Compensation, Incentives and Equity

  • Succession Planning

  • Leadership Development

Our Clients

Advisory business owners icon

Advisory Business Owners

Our business owner clients are leading, wealth management advisors who have built enterprises with sustainable competitive advantages, surviving in an industry driven by change. They actively promote professional development within their firms and share an enthusiasm for exchanging best practices among their industry peers.

Enterprise partners icon

Enterprise Partners

The Ensemble Practice works closely with a select few financial service organizations to create high-impact practice and business management programs. Collaborating with our strategic partner custodians and broker-dealers we deliver consulting to the members of their network and help them build more valuable enterprises. We develop training and coaching programs for both advisors and the practice management staff of our partners that seek to increase their understanding of the best practices of the industry with respect to strategy, growth, human capital and equity management. We also collaborate on research, including white papers and self-help tools, which allow our partners to demonstrate thought-leadership and reach a broad audience of current and perspective advisors.

Future leaders icon

Future Leaders

The sustainable growth and success of every firm depends on its ability to develop the professional, management and leadership skills of its team. As advisory organizations grow, they constantly need to improve the ability of professionals to lead client relationships, manage their teams and establish themselves as highly productive owners in their firms. The Ensemble Practice works with the future leaders of the industry through its innovative “G2 Leadership Institute” and coaching programs. We have worked with hundreds of the emerging leaders of many of the largest firms in the industry and brought them together in a community focused on learning from the best practices of the industry and from each other.

Our Team

We believe that a team-based model is the best blueprint for achieving success in the advisory industry. Multiprofessional firms operate at a competitive advantage and experience greater growth opportunities. Not surprisingly, this is also how we choose to operate. Practicing as a team, each of our professionals brings expertise in a different area of business management.