Chief Executive Officer

About Philip

Philip Palaveev is an industry expert and highly sought-after consultant focused on creating team-based financial advisory businesses aimed for sustained growth, profitability and value.

Philip is the owner and CEO of The Ensemble Practice LLC, a business management consulting firm that defines the evolution of growing a multi-professional advisory practice. He specializes in helping independent financial advisors grow their businesses from solo practices into thriving and profitable ensemble firms. Philip also works with broker-dealers and custodians on creating impactful practice management services for their advisors.

Prior to launching The Ensemble Practice, Philip served as president of Fusion Advisor Network, a network of independent advisors that changed the way broker-dealers deliver business management and camaraderie to their clients. As president, Philip was responsible for the growth strategy of the firm, increasing the firm’s revenue by 50% over three years and leading its transformation from a fast-growing start-up to one of the industry’s most innovative and successful firms. From 2003 to 2008, Philip was a principal at Moss Adams LLP, an accounting and consulting firm with industry-leading expertise in practice management. Philip led the market research for Moss Adams and consulted with hundreds of advisors and several top broker-dealers.

Philip has authored two books: The Ensemble Practice, which explores the process of building a multi-professional enterprise, and G2: Building the Next Generation, a guide to accelerating the careers of future advisory firm leaders. He is also known for his industry research papers and articles, frequently speaks at industry conferences and contributes regularly to industry blogs.