Our engagements address key issues facing advisory practices as they evolve into ensemble firms.

Building an Ensemble Firm

An advisory business is a living organization that changes constantly, from its inception through growth, maturity and succession. The business becomes more complex as it grows, and management responsibilities naturally increase. With its shared leadership structure, an ensemble firm leverages the full potential of its professional talent to thrive in a competitive industry.

We provide forward-thinking training and coaching to help advisory businesses build and grow ensemble firms. Our consulting services are relevant and personal to our clients and their practices. Our unique engagements emphasize results and accountability, providing the present and future leaders of firms with clarity of purpose, improved decision-making and an organizational culture of team unity and collaboration.

Evolution of an Ensemble

The evolution of an ensemble firm

How We Engage

G2 Leadership Institute

The G2 Leadership Institute is a two-year program that trains future leaders of advisory firms on business topics that reflect today’s evolving marketplace. Participants experience realistic business simulations and learn how to set goals and create accountability. In addition to having access to industry leaders as program instructors, participants receive mentorship from industry professionals.

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Business Consulting

We work with advisors to help them understand and address the issues and concerns most pressing to their business. Our services target strategic planning, equity management, organizational design, compensation and other key areas of practice management. Our creative approach is aligned with the firm’s vision and promotes a growth path of increasing value and competitive advantage.

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Crisis Management

From our years of experience consulting with clients and collaborating with participants and alumni of the G2 leadership Institute, we have developed best practices around how to manage a financial advisory firm through a crisis. We invite you to watch our webcast series on crisis management, hosted by CEO Philip Palaveev and focused on the topics of financial management, effective communication and team morale.

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Enterprise Partners

We provide our institutional partners with consulting services and specialized knowledge, working across all financial advisory channels to support the engagement and growth of the client advisory firms that our institutional partners serve.
Our work includes delivering business management consulting to their top advisors in multiple capacities: practical workshops and educational courses; presentations, webcasts, articles and tools; direct engagement in collaboration with the institution's personnel; and professional development of the institution's staff to understand the needs and dynamics of the modern advisory firm.
In each of our institutional partnerships, our objective is to expand the capabilities of the institution to service and attract top advisors, as well as to provide those advisors with meaningful direction in the effort to grow their businesses.

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Advisory Industry Research

We conduct industry research to capture the state of the advisory profession. In addition to research reports, we layer in our experience to produce thought-leadership pieces, white papers and books.

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