Stop With The Phony Slogans

Firms spend an enormous amount of time crafting vision statements, missions, statements of values and “reasons why.” At the end, the vast majority of those efforts produce nothing but bland sentences full of the words: “premier,” “elite,” “passionate,” “real difference” and “commitment.” Those words offer no idea about the actual direction of a firm, the behavior of its people or …

RIA Mergers and Acquisitions Break Records in 2017

2017 was a record-breaking year for RIA mergers and acquisitions, with M&A transactions seeing a 22 percent increase over their 2016 numbers. Financial Advisor magazine’s Christopher Robbins discusses this trend, as well as a continuing surge in breakaways despite large brokerages leaving the broker protocol.

G2 Leadership Institute Graduation

We are very happy to announce the graduation of our first G2 Leadership Institute class! Read the press release here: G2 Graduation Press Release 11272017 G2 Graduates, Class of 2017