Survival of the Happiest

Financial advisors are exceptionally talented at reaching out to clients and asking them how they feel. Unfortunately, we often forget to do the same with our teams. We did a quick survey of advisory firms and found that virtually every single firm had reached out to its clients with multiple letters and phone calls during the pandemic. But almost no CEO penned a letter to employees.

Saving Sick Succession Plans

The likely impact of the COVID-19 crisis is that many firms will abandon their already fragile internal succession plans and seek refuge in the safety of institutional buyers and larger organizations. Founders need to continue trying to save internal succession, even if it’s tempting to give up.

Maintaining Team Morale

In the third episode of our Crisis Management webcast series, Philip Palaveev addresses how G2 leadership can maintain the spirit and optimism of their teams who are experiencing rapid and disorienting changes as their firms adjust to the “new normal” in the wake of COVID-19.

Communicating in a Crisis

In the second installment of our Crisis Management webcast series, Philip Palaveev examines the best strategies for communicating difficult news to clients and employees during a crisis.

Speaking in a Storm

Communicating during times of crisis requires a very thoughtful approach and presents additional pressure and challenges on a leader to find the right words and the right tone of voice to deliver the bad news but still reassure both clients and team members.

Financial Management in Bear Markets

In the first episode of our Crisis Management webcast series, Philip Palaveev discusses the principles of managing an advisory firm through a crisis and how G2 leadership can help their organizations and clients navigate the bear market during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs

A lot of younger professionals think a larger firm can’t give them the same experience they’d have going off the beaten path and founding firms on their own. But I want to reassure them: There are still many adventures to be had in our profession.

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Why People Pay Us to Tell Them What to Do

Clients hire trusted advisors because they have decisions to make that are too big and complicated to make on their own. There is nothing wrong with clients asking, “Why do I hire you, and how much do I pay?” Pricing is a critical decision, and the advisory industry has to be very mindful in determining its own way of pricing.