The Rain Will Come Back

The seeds of destruction are sown in good times, as the proverb goes, and these have been good times for the advisory industry. Because our industry has been so successful, we have started to make some dangerous assumptions. Perhaps it is a good time to review our business models and take a hard look at these assumptions.

Pulse of the Industry: Start of 2022

In this latest edition of Pulse, we surveyed the G2 Leadership Institute community of firms on where they currently stand at the start of 2022. Read the key takeaways and register for a full copy of the report.

Look to the Stars

The top 20% of professionals in any firm are likely responsible for 80% of the growth opportunities, 90% of the implemented ideas and positive changes and 100% of the culture of excellence. If you want your firm to be great, the key to excellence is to channel the energy of your top players.

Next-Gen CEOs Take the Wheel

Developing young leaders, empowering them to steer the ship and then, most importantly, letting go and putting the wheel in the hands of this next generation is the key to meeting the succession challenges facing G1 founders. Several of our G2 alumni were spotlighted in a Barron’s article focusing on the industry’s next-gen CEOs.

How Consumers’ Choices Differ

Among consumers with over $100,000 in income, “Who can I trust?” is the fundamental question all investors ask. That said, there are significant differences in who they ask this question to based on their wealth, age, gender and sources of wealth.

Why People Fire Advisors

Though most consumers have never worked with an advisor, the advisory industry has already managed to disappoint close to a quarter of its potential clients—those who’ve had an advisor, left and never come back.

Pulse of the Industry 2021 Midyear Survey

Pulse of the Industry: 2021 Midyear Survey

As we begin to return to a sense of normalcy in the wake of COVID-19, we surveyed the G2 Leadership Institute community of firms on where they currently stand halfway through the year. The results are in, and we invite you to download the full Pulse of the Industry: 2021 Midyear Survey.

happy multigenerational family

When Less Is More

Time and again, even the largest and best run advisory firms refuse to declare any specialty or client profile and instead go in search of a generic investor of wealth. If advisory firms want to help their G2 advisors become better business developers and accelerate their own growth, they need to take a more differentiated approach focusing on specific target markets.

man anxious about his firm's succession plan

Succession Anxiety Disorder

Succession plans that stretch into the distant future may not bring much clarity. In fact, they may work against you, killing your willingness and ability to act. Here is some advice on how to overcome the paralysis of succession anxiety disorder.

Pulse of the Industry: Start of 2021

Understanding how the industry has been impacted by COVID-19 and the accompanying dramatic shifts in behavior, politics and society that we have seen in its wake is crucial as we continue to build our plans for 2021. Toward this effort, we invite you to explore the results of our most recent Pulse of the Industry survey.