Ranking the Heavyweights

The seeds of destruction are sown in good times, as the proverb goes, and these have been good times for the advisory industry. Because our industry has been so successful, we have started to make some dangerous assumptions. Perhaps it is a good time to review our business models and take a hard look at these assumptions.

Look to the Stars

The top 20% of professionals in any firm are likely responsible for 80% of the growth opportunities, 90% of the implemented ideas and positive changes and 100% of the culture of excellence. If you want your firm to be great, the key to excellence is to channel the energy of your top players.

Next-Gen CEOs Take the Wheel

Developing young leaders, empowering them to steer the ship and then, most importantly, letting go and putting the wheel in the hands of this next generation is the key to meeting the succession challenges facing G1 founders. Several of our G2 alumni were spotlighted in a Barron’s article focusing on the industry’s next-gen CEOs.

Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs

A lot of younger professionals think a larger firm can’t give them the same experience they’d have going off the beaten path and founding firms on their own. But I want to reassure them: There are still many adventures to be had in our profession.

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Millennials and Careers

Firms are dreading the arrival of their first millennial employee. But beyond stereotypes, millennials can bring energy and ambition, and help define and refine a firm’s sense of purpose.