Industry Expert Brandon Odell Becomes Partner in The Ensemble Practice LLC

SEATTLE, March 23, 2015 – The Ensemble Practice (Ensemble), the premier business consulting firm for the financial services industry, announced today that Brandon Odell has been promoted to Partner. Prior to the announcement, Brandon Odell served the firm as Director of Business Consulting. Odell has been responsible for the firm’s marquee benchmarking and compensation reports as well as key client relationships. Brandon Odell is also increasingly recognized in the industry as one of the foremost experts in financial management of advisory firms and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and forums. Read MoreOdell Partner_final

Executive Forum

The Ensemble Practice’s Executive Forum provides leading investment advisory firms a unique format for knowledge sharing. The collegiate atmosphere of the meeting combines theory, best practice sharing, implementation experiences and high level strategic discussions. Much of the value of the event is the discussion of experiences between attendees. We concluded our 4th event in February of 2017.