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Program Selection

Thank you for your interest in the G2 Leadership Institute. We are delighted you are considering the program, and we are confident that you will find it not only practical and impactful, but also thorough, insightful and engaging.

In order to create the atmosphere and impact we seek, we are very careful in selecting our program participants.

The ideal participant is a successful professional who is accepted by his/her colleagues as a future leader in the firm. He or she is:

  • An Owner/Partner in the firm or on a “short track” to becoming a partner
  • In a Lead Advisor/Wealth Manager position or similarly leading a team of staff within an area of the firm
  • Involved in management decisions, including managing people and making resource decisions
  • Sponsored by the firm’s leadership with a mentor within the firm (e.g., CEO, Managing Partner, COO, President) who is willing to support the participant and help with some of the assignments
  • Dedicated to participating in the program for its full duration of two years

Please fill out the application form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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The G2 Leadership Institute was listed as one of the 20 Best Conferences for Financial Advisors to Attend in 2020 by Nerd's Eye View.

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